Hot Shots Wednesday

- A grandmother from Maine is kayaking from Maine to Guatemala. Who needs g-p-s. She says if you keep land to your right, you'll eventually get there. The 63-year-old is making the 25-hundred mile trek to bring attention to the poor in Guatemala and to raise money to send children to school.

Zookeepers at the Oregon zoo in Portland helping their sea otters and sea lions cool off by offering a  refreshing treat: Ice! A huge batch of cubes was hauled into their play area. The otters like to lick them like ice cream while floating on their backs. The elephants? They prefer the old fashioned method of blowing water on their backs.

Finally watch as hundreds of sharks were spotted from the air, right off the Florida panhandle on the Gulf side.  Local fishermen say they see a sharks there once in awhile, but never this many. A pod of dolphins showed up but the sharks just gave them their space.

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