Hot Shots Wednesday

- Check out this surveillance video from Salt Lake City. Watch as this guy with a skateboard breaks into a cafe's to-go window, reaches around, and steals bagels. He also snagged some chocolate covered espresso beans. But he cut himself so police now have his dna.

If one day you see a woman pitch in the major leagues, you can say you saw it here first. A high school pitcher named Chelsea Baker pitched batting practice for the Tampa Bay Rays this week. The fact that she's a girl isn't what makes her unique-- it's her killer knuckleball. She's won countless games including a few perfect games throwing it. She even got to tease her favorite player Evan Longoria, but hitting him in the back during practice.

Finally, watch this lightning strike caught on camera by a pair of campers in Yellowstone National Park during a hailstorm. The camera caught what the eye couldn't, lightning striking the ground and hitting the roots of a tree. You can see the ground erupt in slow motion as the jolt of electricity hits the ground. By the way, the campers had no idea they caught a lightning strike on camera until they played it back.


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