Hot Shots Wednesday

- A new approach to in-flight entertainment. That's the cast from the Lion King serenading passengers on an Australian flight. Passengers gave the singers a round of applause when they finished "the circle of life. The clip has racked up more than two-million hits on youtube.

Meet Emmy the bull dog, a marketing ploy of a condo complex in Washington D.C. Emmy is a communal dog, meaning all the tenants get to play and take care of her. She even has her own interior dog park.  Organizers say it's a great way for tenants to see if a dog is really a good fit for them.

Finally, check out this x-ray of a tree removal worker who got his chainsaw caught in his neck. It dug two inches into his skin. His co-workers did the right thing, they left the saw inside his neck and rushed him to the e-r. Trauma surgeons say it just missed a major artery so he was lucky. Despite 30 stitches, he's eager to climb up a tree again soon and get back to work.

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