Hot Shots Wednesday

- Yes, zoo animals need dental care too. This prickly patient from Chicago's Brookfield Zoo is named Pilgrim. The porcupine has a tooth problem.  If dentists don't trim her tooth every month, it would block her mouth and she'd starve.

Incredible video from Missouri as a motorcycle slams into an s-u-v. The driver didn't yield and that's when the collision happened. Fortunately the biker was wearing a helmet and didn't sustain serious injuries. Police released the video hoping it gets drivers to pay attention to signs at intersections.

Finally, watch as a family cat saves a boy from an attacking dog in California. The boy is playing on his bicycle when the dog sneaks up from behind, grabbing his leg. The cat springs into action, tackling the dog. The boy needed a few stitches, but he's doing fine today.

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