Hot Shots Wednesday

-  A reporter was doing a story on house squatters in Detroit when one of them pulled up to the station's  truck and threw some type of liquid on her. An investigation showed the tenants' lease was fake, but police let them stay. But, because of the reporter's story and neighbors pressure, yesterday the bailiff arrived to move the squatters out.

A hot air balloon carrying eight people landed on a bridge near San Diego, very close to a freeway. The pilot says wind gusts picked up unexpectedly, and no matter what he tried, mother nature took over. Shoppers at a nearby mall helped grab ropes to get  the balloon away from a street lamp. No one was hurt. The group was celebrating a birthday.

Finally fisherman off the coast of Florida snag a 13-foot hammerhead shark. They hooked it, then guided it to shore where they cut the line. It's a tricky operation, not just because it's dangerous, but because they want to cut the line as close as possible to it's mouth, so it doesn't cause problems when they release it. After a minute, the shark swam away.


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