Hot Shots Wednesday

- An incredible rescue, just in the nick of time. Watch on the right of your screen as a construction worker clings to the ledge of this burning apartment complex in Texas. He jumps from the fourth floor balcony onto the ledge below just before the firecrew ladder reaches him.  As the ladder pulls back, the top of the building collapses.

A baby gorilla makes her debut. She was taken out by her mother for the first time since birth two weeks ago at the San Diego Zoo. You can see mom wasn't taking any chances. She held on tight and found a warm alcove to nurse.

Finally who wants pie! A group in Florida from making the world's largest key lime pie. It's part of "Florida keys day" celebrations. The giant pie was made of almost six-thousand key limes and two hundred pounds of graham crackers. They were able to get more than one thousand slices out of the dessert. Key lime pie was named the state's official pie in 2006.





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