Hot Shots Wednesday

- Is this seat taken? A passenger on a subway in New York capturing this image of a rat running across the car. Commuters forced to stand on seats and lift their legs. The rat then ran back the other way.

A two-story statue of Marilyn Monroe making it's way from California to new jersey on a flat-bed truck.  In preparation for the unveiling, the 16-thousand pound 'Marilyn' will be washed from head to toe and even given a re-painting on her toes,a statue-pedicure so-to-speak. The pose depicts Monroe's famous wind-blown skirt image from the movie "the seven year itch".

Finally, imagine waking up to a purple toilet on your front lawn. It's all for a fundraiser for the American cancer society in California. The sign says "you've been flushed". To have the ugly toilet removed, the homeowner has to donate money. So far, it's worked. They've raised hundreds of dollars, and none of the neighbors have complained about the odd lawn ornaments.

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