House Speaker Paul Ryan Confident in Foxconn's Plans for Wisconsin Plant

Foxconn promises to bring thousands of jobs to area

JANESVILLE - From politicians to business analysts, many of them say Foxconn doesn't have the best track record when it comes to following through on its plans.

But, Paul Ryan told me this deal is different.

"This is a huge game changer for Wisconsin. We're very excited about this."

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan returned to his home district in Janesville-touting the state's successful bid to get electronics manufacturer, Foxconn, to build a $10 billion dollar facility in southeast Wisconsin.

"We're talking about bringing in an entire new sector of manufacturing to the Wisconsin economy."

One of Foxconn's biggest clients is Apple.

Its arrival is expected to bring in 13,000 jobs.

And Ryan says that's just the first domino to fall.

"And that's going to bring other industries in the high tech sector."

But, some are concerned Foxconn won't follow through.

In 2013, it had an agreement in place to build a plant in Pennsylvania-but, that never happened.

Ryan says he's not concerned that'll happen here.

"We are deep into this, deeper than any other state was with Foxconn."

Wisconsin offered $3 billion dollars in incentives to lure Foxconn.

However, the company can only cash in on it if it follows through not only on the plant's construction, but those 13,000 jobs as well.

"What the governor has erected, what the state government is putting together is a contingency-based plan, and I think that's the smart way to go."

No specific location has been picked yet for the new Foxconn facility.

But, the front runners right now are Racine and Kenosha counties.

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