How About White Buluga Whales for Christmas?

SAN DIEGO -- While you are likely spending your holidays with a White Christmas and below freezing temperatures, the NIU Huskies are spending their time with white whales in warm San Diego.

The Huskies had a chance to look at creatures you won't find in this part of the country-they took at trip to Sea World, where the Huskies enjoyed a whole lot of fun, like on the Sea World roller-coaster.  Yes, Sea World has a roller coaster, and according to tight end Luke Eakes, "It was really fun, really fast, and a great trip. It was great."

But of course, Sea World is all about interacting with sea animals, and many of the Huskies got to do just that.  Click on the story to see their very close encounters with Buluga Whales, Dophins and Penguins.

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