How Local Clergy Can Transform Rockford


Rockford- The ringing bells means service is starting at Court Street United Methodist Church. Their Pastor Calvin Culpepper says religion has to play a huge role in transforming Rockford.


Culpepper says “there are some opinions of the church participating in that transformation obviously. And so my point is obviously anytime people can come together, work together, and be in unison, at any level, it’s going to create bedrock of opportunities.”


Transform Rockford’s leader Tom Gendron says he would like to see pastors communicate better with each other. Culpepper admits they could talk more.


He says “God is calling us to be unified. Sometimes we get divided by denominations and then sadly by power and so sometimes we would like to keep each other separate from each other so we can be distinct.”


Local minister Stanley “Curly” Thompson says bringing local parishioners together will be a tough task.


Thompson says “unfortunately, there are too many people that are in that position that have personal agendas. But at the same time, can’t put aside their titles, their positions, and how long they been preaching to do what God wants us to do.”


Thompson says it’s time for local religious leaders to put their differences aside to help transform Rockford.

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