How One Local Bar Prepared for The Bears vs Packers Game

By Phillip Reed |

Published 12/29 2013 08:32PM

Updated 12/29 2013 08:53PM

Rockford- Bears vs. Packers for the NFC North title. It doesn’t get any better than this. Owner of Rockford bar Boomer’s Perry Dalip says “it’s always a rivalry, Bears-Packers. It’s a full house every time they play. But today is one of those rare occasions where its winner take all.

The bar says they have been preparing for the game all week. Dalip says “we try to do everything that we usually do on Sundays you know, we have some great specials and stuff, and we just uplift and bring in more workers.”

The bar has a very friendly atmosphere and they encourage all in attendance to cheer on their team.  Dalip says “we tell people we want you to yell. We want you to scream. We want you to get into the game. It’s something that we always joke about it being mandatory. We don’t want you to be quiet. We want you to show your feelings.”

The Bears ended up losing to the Packers 33-28 and clinched the NFC North Title.

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