How Stateliners can Save on their ComEd Bill

That old refrigerator you keep plugged in could be putting a dent in your wallet.


ComEd Energy Doctor Timothy Melloch says "a lot of customers have second refrigerators maybe in their basement, or garage. Usually they're really old and they waste a lot of energy."

Melloch continues "Most people don't realize those older units could be consuming up to one hundred and fifty dollars a year in electricity."


ComEd is offering to take that old refrigerator off your hands and recycle it. They'll even throw you a couple bucks to do so. All this while saving money on your electric bill.


Melloch says "we even pay you thirty give dollars to give us the unit which is a good way to get it off the system. It lowers your bill, gives you something for it, and we make sure it doesn't get caught in a landfill."


During those summer months when the heat is on, he recommends keeping your outdoor air conditioner away from the blazing sun, and in the shade.


Melloch says "if you are placing a new air conditioner in, you should think about where it's located and to try to put it somewhere out of the sun. Now what else can you do to make sure it operates efficiently?" He says.


Melloch continues "first of all make sure that there's good clearance around the unit, and that there is nothing obstructing airflow."


He urges customers to always keep a fresh furnace filter, close your window blinds, and have your central air running on the highest comfortable temperature.


Melloch says " I keep my home at seventy-eight degrees and some people may feel that is warm, but what I find is if I keep the home close up, and with the temperature at seventy-eight, and with a room where we have ceiling fans, you keep them on and that creates a cooling effect"


ComEd is offering plenty of other ways to help you be more energy efficient. You can find all their great deals at

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