Huge Buzz About Bee Shortages In The Stateline

- Davis -It’s not exactly a happy time for Beekeepers these days. Their honey bees are dying. A chemical being sprayed is getting on plants and killing the bees, and it’s hurting the pockets of local beekeepers.

Phillip Raines of Raines Honey Farm says he’s lost thirty percent of his bees this year. It’s putting a dent in his pocket. His honey sales are down fifty percent from last year.

Raines says “I’ve got to figure out a way between now and next spring to fix those bees in order to get them built up, so that I can recover that I lost.”

It’s gotten so bad that Raines can’t supply bees to his customers.

Raines says “I got called by nine different apple orchards all wanting bees for pollination, and I was only able to take care of one.”

Raines says congress is ignoring the problem, but he hopes they can find a way to keep these bees buzzing before it’s too late.

Raines says “take two-thirds of the produce in that grocery, and that’s what you’re gonna be left with if we lose these honey bees.”

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