Illinois' Attorney General Orders Early Go Ahead on Gay Marriage Licenses

LOVES PARK- Same-sex marriage licenses in Illinois can now be issued before June first. Spectrum of Rockford Director Doctor Lisa Breisch says it's a major break through.

"I’m currently in a civil union with my beautiful wife and we would really like to be able to have the full legal marriage because of all the benefits and rights and protections that marriage will have," said Doctor Breisch.

But there are a few hang ups. County Clerks, like Winnebago’s Margie Mullins aren't ready.

"It not just a simple go in and make a change and we're done. There are different forms that need to be altered," said Mullins.

Mullins says changes need to be made on the application, license and keepsake for couples. Her office is also preparing for the primary in less than two weeks.

"I still feel that the law says June first, and that we should go with that June first date that is what the law is," explained Mullins.

Spectrum of Rockford Mental Health Counselor Naomi Nordine agrees. Her partner is transgender and still legally female. They think it’s an exciting time, but can wait until June.

"We’d still like to be legally married, so we've been having conversations about what will this change in our relationship, what are the costs and benefits," said Nordine.

Clinical Psychologist Doctor Glenn Sample works with same-sex couples daily. He thinks the state's immediate recognition of marriage equality changes many things for couples who have been committed to each other for years.

"I think it’s a positive aspect for any couple that is facing a new road that wasn't open to them before," said Dr. Sample. 

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