Illinois Ranks in Top Five States with Highest Cell Phone Taxes

ROCKFORD: Cell phone taxes and fees are on every wireless bill, but in Illinois get your wallet out.

"It's outrageous. It’s outrageous,” said Customer Greg Clark.

On top of a 5.6% Federal Tax Rate, Illinois slaps on an extra 8.88% State Sales Tax and a 15.81% State Wireless Rate.

"One of the charges that people couldn't understand was the tax and why it was so high. Tax is usually around $24 to $30 even if you just have a single line," explained Rockford Cell Tech Owner LaToya Warren.

Warren says customers should look at the fine print, especially during the 14 or 30 day grace period.

"Looking at the fine print you're going to see where those extras may occur, especially for overage or anything like that, so you can actually understand your bill," said Warren.

She says cell phone bills are broken down using jargon, which is often misleading.

Confusing customers like Alfredo Anaya who's had his provider break down taxes and fees listed on his monthly bill.

"Wow, why is it so high you know? When they say it's going to be like $80 a month and then it's up to $125 a month.”

Illinois residents aren't the only ones feeling the pinch. Washington, Nebraska, New York and Florida also have some of the highest wireless tax rates in the country.

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