Imagine Dodging Potholes for a Living


Rockford- Workers at Sam’s Pizza are busy preparing food to be delivered. But the drivers who deliver those pizzas say the ride can be rough because they’re constantly dodging potholes.


Delivery driver for Sam’s Pizza Justin Tiesman says “O It’s pretty bad out there. Most of the streets in Rockford, I mean they’re not even potholes they’re big craters.”


Tiesman had a tire blow out on him from hitting a pothole which cost more than 100 dollars to fix.  Tiesman adds “it’s always disappointing, just one less thing, I’ll buy for the kids.”


But finding a rim for a tire won’t be easy. Tony Bove from Bove’s Auto Service says the demand for them has made the price double.


Bove says “the hardest part about explaining to a customer right now is if we can’t source a rim for your car for three days. You’re without transportation, and if you’re a delivery driver, a pizza delivery driver, it’s hard to be without a car for three days waiting for a rim to get here.”


The roads have forced many delivery drivers to take detours, which makes them let sometimes to deliver food.  They’re hoping the weather gets better soon.


Delivery driver for Sam’s Pizza Ron Beilfuss says “it’s a pain in the butt cause we have to do our job, and that’s the way we make a living and there’s other people out on the road just trying to get home and that just makes for a mess.”


Bove’s Auto Service says they don’t expect the price for rims to go down until next month.

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