Savings & Solutions: Helping Employers Assist Caregivers

- Editor's Note:  The original posting of this story identified May 8th as a Monday.  It is actually a Thursday.  Corrected version is below.

ROCKFORD - A slow economy is making it harder for people to hire professional care takers, leaving family members to balance work and caretaking.

It also greatly affects their employers. Here to help employers learn how to work more effectively with employees who are caretakers, are Anne Grindle from Satori Pathway and Kevin Polsky, Founder and President of the Four Corners Wellness Center. Both guests are participating in an upcoming conference designed to offer employers helpful solutions.

The Savings & Solutions conference takes place Thursday, May 8th from 7:30 to noon at the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center. $45 covers costs and lunch is included. The registration deadline is May 2nd. For more information you can call 779-537-5249 or 815-395-2157.

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