Is The Recall Election An Indication Of What Will Happen In The November Presidential Race

(Beloit, Wisoconsin)  Why was Gov. Walker's margin of victory so large, and does this recall election give any insight into what we can expect in the november Presidential Election? Nobody can say for sure why the Governors election victory was as big as it was, but many believe it does make a definite statement about the state's political future.  Barrett supporter Dennis Murphy was trying to get out the vote Tuesdsay as he stood out on Beloit streets waving his sign to go vote.  Today he says the state is politically divided, but he's optimistic the Governor will start to build a consensus that will move Wisconsin forward.  He adds he doesn't think the recall election is an indicator of what will happen in the November Presidential race. But some political analysts disagree, and say Presidential Obama could have a very tough race on his hands. 

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