It Was Hardly the First Black Bear to Camp Out in Mount Morris

Mt. Morris- A Stateliner has a very unique perspective on the black bear.

It was the scene that had all of Mt. Morris-- and the Stateline-- talking. A black bear- resting in a tree- in Erik Pages backyard.  Some who saw the bear first hand thought the Dept. of Natural Resources should do more to remove the bear.  But, a DNR spokesman says they will not.

"It's going to be allowed to go along its way as long as it doesn't pose a threat to people or property" says Chris Young of the DNR.

It turns out this isn't the first time Mt. Morris has had a black bear in the neighborhood.

"They're very docile" says Darcy Schier, a woman who a raised a bear in her home from five months old.  "She never harmed any of us."

Schier says the whole city loved being around her bear, Sissy.

"We had some friends call that actually wanted Larry to take Sissy to their family reunion. I don't remember what park it was. But he did. So all their friends could see.

Darcie was given the bear as a baby by a local man who raised them- for years- Darcie and her husband would take their bear all around town.

"My husband used to take her to the bank. And all the other girls would freak out at work!"

Even though Sissy died eight years ago- Darcie still loves to show off photos of her beloved bear. She even had Sissy preserved and mounted on her wall. A reminder of their special bond.

And as for the wild bear- many believe he's just as harmless as Sissy was.

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