It's Police Memorial Week All Across The Country

- With the sound of bagpipes filling the halls of St. Peter's Cathedral Rockford's finest gather to honor the lives of those who have died in the line of duty. (see attached video)

"Unfortunately, Rockford has several officers that have given the ultimate sacrifice. But this is the time that we can hold events to honor those officers' memories. All the officers in Winnebago county, Northern Illinois and throughout the country," said Lieutenant Patrick Hoey. 

This week holds a special place in Lieutenant Patrick Hoey's heart. His friend, Detective Kevin Rice, was killed in 2001.

"I have a personal touch Detective Rice who was killed, the latest Rockford police officer killed, was a good friend of mine. We worked together on the same shift. So, that personal bond, it's hard to have any officer lose their life but when you have that personal close relationship it makes it even harder," said Hoey. 

Since 1917, six Rockford police officers lost their lives. Community Service Officer, Karol Fricke, says memorial ceremonies like this one serve as a reminder to be safe during their patrols.

"It helps us not to forget and not to become complacent in the job and to remember that we're out there for everyone no matter what. We put our lives on the line every single day. And, with these celebrations or memorials it helps us really think and keep ourselves safe," said Fricke.

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