Jamie Lynn Page Found Not Guilty of Murder

- BELIVDERE -- The woman who stabbed her boyfriend to death with a scalpel has been found not guilty.

Jamie Lynn Page stabbed Jacob Van Zant with a scalpel in February of last year.  The defense claimed Page, who has admitted to cutting herself, accidentally stabbed Van Zant when he tried to get the knife away from her.  Page says she then called the police immediately after it happened.

"I think the 911 tape, that was played had a lot, you could hear the emotion," said Paul Vella, Page's attorney.  "They listened to the facts, they listened to her statement, which has been consistent throughout."

The prosecution claimed Page killed Van Zant during an argument and the attack was no accident.  In a statement, Boone County State's Attorney said, ""We respect the jury's decision, we don't agree with it. This is about justice for Jacob."

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