Janesville Man Accused of Stabbing Roommate Appears in Court

- Janesville- Clayton Courtney appeared in the Rock County Courthouse for a preliminary hearing. Courtney told police he killed three people, but Monday he was in court for allegedly stabbing his roommate Michael Clark.

The prosecutors say Courtney told Clark multiple times that he was going to die. The incident started when Clark noticed Courtney damaging the kitchen.

Nick Drout of Janesville Police says “at that point Mr. Courtney punched Mr. Clark, grabbed a knife, attempted to stab him in the chest. Mr. Clark rolled to his left side where Mr. Courtney stabbed him right behind the right shoulder blade.”

Courtney’s attorneys asked to have felony charges against their client thrown out, saying there is not enough evidence Courtney intended to kill Clark or Clark’s girlfriend.

But the court wasn’t buying it, saying Courtney did commit some type of felony that night. Courtney is still under investigation for the death of his girlfriend Brittney Cross, who was killed the same night of the stabbing. As of now he is not facing any charges.

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