Janesville Police Crackdown on Online Sex Trafficking

JANESVILLE- Logging onto sites like Craigslist or Backpage puts prostitution right at the finger tips of those seeking it.

But now after Patrick Cooper, 27, and Erica White, 26, were arrested in Janesville, Wisconsin for trafficking a 16 year old runaway their police department is cracking down.

"Send the message that we know this is going on, we know you're participating," explained Janesville Police Deputy Chief of Investigations Dan Davis.

Davis says the problem was identified months ago and another agency was handling it. He mentions the department plans to take a more aggressive approach in any cases involving juveniles.

"Arrest is not our primary objective," said Davis.

That's because police are hoping to connect with women advertised online and put them in touch with the social services that they need.

"What we're going to find out when we embark on this investigation and this program; we may encounter more females who are being trafficked we don't know," said Davis.

Davis mentioning if women refuse help, they could be arrested and face steep penalties.

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