Jefferson Boys Basketball Resumes Days After the Brawl


Rockford- Jefferson High School taking on Huntley in a regional semifinal game with police on watch. The mood was very somber in the stands for Jayhawks parents


Parent of a Jefferson High School player Cynthia Outlow “I’m so saddened by what our kids, all the kids had to go through. My son is devastated.”


Cynthia Outlow’s son hit the game winning shot for Jefferson to beat Rockford East. But he can’t play against Huntley because of the fight that happened after. He’s also suspended from school.


Outlow says “it’s horrible because that’s ten days of not learning like with a teacher, like it’s different. I have his homework but its different being in the class hands on.”

She feels her son would be on the court if there were more security at that game. Outlow says “it didn’t have any security at all. And no police or anything like that and I really believe if there had been police it would have different.”


Tony Minneyfield says he taught his ahead of time to not get involved in dangerous situations and he’s glad he listened. He adds “during the brawl, I seen him walk away because that’s what I wanted him to do. There’s somebody, a coach, somebody should be breaking it up but that’s not our job.”


Outlow wishes her son’s senior year of basketball could have ended on a positive note but says they just have to deal with it.


Security was beefed up for the game.

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