Jury Deliberates The Fate of Kody Walsh

- UPDATE (3/3/14): Both sides delivered their closing arguments.  The jury began deliberations at 1:30pm.  Eyewitness News has a reporter inside the courtroom.  We'll bring you the verdict when it comes down on-air and online.

ROCKFORD -- Both sides rest in the case of accused killer, Kody Walsh. He's charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of 36-year-old Lori Daniels.

Friday, experts hashed out the details of just how Daniels died back in September of 2012. A forensic analyst described the two gunshots to Daniels' head. The defense tried to argue that, given the angle, Walsh wasn't the person to pull the trigger. Instead, they believe Walsh's friend, Ebert Davison, did.

Davison did take the stand again for a short round of questioing by the defense. He was the one allegedly driving the green ford explorer at the time of Daniels' death.

Walsh was in the back passenger seat directly behind Daniels.

"The projectile went through the scalp and the skull of the left side... across the midline and into the right frontal lobe," said Dr. Mark Peters, Forensic Analyst.

Closing arguments will begin monday morning, followed by jury deliberation.


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