'Kids Care Now' Shows Crusader Clinic's Commitment to Stateline Children

ROCKFORD -- At the Crusader Clinic on Broadway a small sign in the corner reveals something new and exciting is happening inside.  It's called Kids Care Now, an immediate care clinic for kids first opened back in 2012 which sees children immediately every weekday from 10am to 7pm

"They like the ability that when they're child is sick, they can walk in and be seen," says Crusader Pediatric Nurse Debra Meyer.

That's why Hayley is here.  The 13-year-old hasn't been feeling well for a couple of days, but here, she gets high-quality care using state of the art equipment.  Her visit just another example of Crusader's commitment to kids.  "We serve about 21,000 children.  We have about 1200 births a year.

And that's why Crusader is the recipient of this year's Community Baby Shower donations -- Helping an organization committed to helping stateline families -- especially new mothers in need.

"From baby wipes to blankets," Meyer says, "you know we just assume that everybody has blankets to wrap their child in and they don't.  And when you see the eyes light up and the families when they get these gifts and how much they appreciate these items, it brings a lot of joy."

Meyers has been working at this clinic for nearly two years now and has seen first hand the difference a small donation can make.   "Just knowing that you helped somebody by giving something so simple as a blanket, I think that's really important."

For more information on how you can help Crusader in its mission to help Stateline kids, click on the link below to our Community Baby Shower.


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