Kinzinger and Hale: Two Very Different Viewpoints on Domestic Spying

ROCKFORD -- This week, Your Local Election Headquarters will focus on the Republican primary contest between incumbant Rep. Adam Kinzinger and Rockford Tea Party Founder David Hale.

We begin with the candidate's very different views -- when it comes to domestic spying and Edward Snowden.

When it comes to former NSA worked Edward Snowden, who left the agency and has leaked information about its programs to spy on Americans, it comes down to a simple question.  "Is he a patriot or a traitor? This is the big question with a lot of people," Hale says.

Not for Kinzinger.  "Edward Snowden is a traitor, he's traitor to his country. The thing is, that I've been exposed and understand what he's stolen from the United States and it's far more massive than what people think. It's a serious situation."

Serious enough to shake invoke the constitution when determining right or wrong. So where do GOP candidates for capitol hill stand in terms of the NSA's controversial spying program?  Hale says Americans don't like the result so far.  "The American people also don't like that our national security agency and our federal government feels it has the latitude to go ahead and snoop on the American people in direct violation of the 4th Amendment."

Kinzinger believes the program is constitutional.  "If we can find an area where we can make the American people feel more confident in what's happening, then I'm totally okay with making those changes but if we make those changes we have to make sure it's not taking away the effectiveness of this program."

While Kinzinger says he knows what the former NSA worker did, Hale wants to see justice prevail the American way.

"I need to hear what Snowden actually did, what he actually knew and if we can't hear it and it goes into a secret court, a national security court where he's put on trial, I want to make sure he's given a fair trial. So does he needs to comeback, I'm not going to convict of being a traitor prior to being put on trial."

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