Large Demand For Stateline Concealed Carry Classes

- ROCKFORD - Gun ranges in Illinois have seen an increase in activity over the last few months, with hundreds of Stateline residents calling local shooting ranges to sign up for a concealed carry class.   Kenny Polhamus, the owner of Kap Guns shooting range in Loves Park said business has been booming. “when the state began certifying gun training instructors, and the curriculum was certified, people could start teaching courses and we got really busy”

Kap Guns was so busy that many concealed carry hopefuls had a hard time finding an opening at gun ranges.  Deanna Hurd, a Stateline gun owner said there is a large demand in the Stateline area.   “getting range time is huge right now! these ranges are overcome with people.”

Illinois State Police reported that with the recent influx of concealed carry permits, they are expecting 300,000 applications to be filed this year alone.

Polhaums said with thousands of applicants looking to take classes, he added as many classes as necessary to meet demand after concealed carry training courses started in January.  “it has tapered off quite a bit since then. we still have enough to fill classes, but we don’t have enough to fill classes everyday like we were a few months ago.”

Hurd has taken the concealed carry class and feels it has helped her understand state gun laws.  “i learned so much about the law and the burden of just defending myself, deciding if im going to carry it on my person, or if I’m going to just protect my home”

Polhamus said concealed carry permits are currently being distributed, and that will cause lines to form at Kap Guns again soon.  “people have started to get their permits and that is when i figured i would have another little spike in people coming in, because now that they know its real, their neighbors and their friends have permits”

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