Latest Campaign for Governor Ploy: The Pat Quinn Corruption Hotline!

WTVO/WQRF -- From the political campaign that has featured an online ad comparing Republican nominee Bruce Rauner to a cartoon character (Mr. Burns from 'The Simpsons') --  and 'Quinnocchio,' a man dressed as 'Pinocchio' meant to highlight Gov. Quinn's flip-flops in the past -- comes the latest installment in the 'Illinois Governor Campaign Hijinks' saga.

The 'Quinn Corruption Hotline' ... brought to you by the Rauner Campaign for Governor.

Spot your governor up to no good?  Call 855-PAT-TIPS!  Tips can also be emailed to  In fact, Rauner campaign volunteers are going so far as to publicize the hotline outside the Thompson Center during the lunch hour of government employees who work there.

It's another chapter in what's shaping up to be a hard-fought campaign by two camps which will spare no effort or expense to jump any sign of weakness by their opponent.

That's not to say that recent allegations against Gov. Pat Quinn reported this week by 'Eyewitness News' (see link to story above) are not potentially serious and damaging to the Governor's re-election campaign.

But a corruption hotline manned by campaign workers of his political opponent?  The Rauner campaign insists the tipline is a serious effort to root out any potential corruption within the Quinn administration.   Rauner campaign spokesperson Mike Schrimpf said in a news release,  “We know there are good, honest, hard-working people around Illinois who have information about Pat Quinn’s corruption and patronage schemes."

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