Lawmakers Want Regulations on Electronic Cigarettes

- Machesney Park-David Kline has been smoking electronic cigarettes for more than a month. Kline says “the reason why it’s good to have e-cigarettes is because it’s a lot healthier.”

But Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and other congressmen say that’s not the case. They want E-cigs regulated by the FDA. They cite a study done by the National Poison Data Systems showing accidental nicotine poisonings increased 300 percent.

The Vapor Shop’s owner Todd Kundert says the people being poisoned are smokers making home made e-cigs.

Kundert says “anybody can go right now and buy pure nicotine. They can buy the base liquids and mix it themselves. But if you don’t know the formulas, if you haven’t researched it and haven’t studied it and it’s very likely you can overdose yourself. But you can do that with anything.”

Senator Durbin believes E-cigs are being marketed towards teens which risk addiction to a new generation. Kundert says he does not let anybody under the age of 18 shop at his store.

Kundert adds “we try to discourage anybody from “vaping” who has never smoked in their life. Even though it’s healthier then smoking cigarettes. Why put anything in your lungs if you haven’t smoked in the past.”

He says he got in the e-cigs business to help Stateliners quit smoking. But recent studies show e-cigs may not help smokers kick the habit.

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