Lazy Lawns: City Reports Growing Grass Problems

- ROCKFORD -- Just when you thought Mother Nature couldn't possibly give us any problems when it's sunny and nice out, think again.

Grass swaying in the wind. It's almost serene if it weren't in front of an abandoned house in the middle of a city block.

"That is our view, so you know, it's not really a pretty site," said Cynthia Childs, Rockford resident.

Especially when the grass is growing out of control. Childs has lived in her west Rockford home for 16 years and she's tired of looking at the eyesore across the street.

"I just wish that the city would be more considerate for the west side, you know, that they would send people out to take care of these homes that are messed up like that," said Childs.

Public Works Director Tim Hanson says he hears her cries, and the more than 900 other long grass complaints his department has received just since April.

"We're having some issues with people taking care of their lawns," said Hanson.

So if your grass soars to 10 inches or more, expect the city to take notice.

"If it's not taken care of, then we'll have the grass cut for the homeowner then we will invoice that to the homeowner and they will have to pay for that," said Hanson.

But it's not so easy when the home is abandoned.

"That grass has been like that for months to come, maybe a year or two," said Kevin Kyles, Rockford resident.

"Some of these abandoned houses we just naturally have just taken over and we mow them, but you know there's a lot of them out there," said Hanson

Leaving little time to get to them all, and residents frustrated.

"It's kind of making the neighborhood look tacky," said Kyles.

To report an unruly lawn, call City of Rockford Code enforcement at 815-967-6768.

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