Local Activist Speaks Out on Process to Replace Chuck Jefferson

- Rockford-When Stateliners ask dot turner who will fill chuck Jefferson’s vacant 67th district state representative seat, she tells them she doesn't have a clue. But the 17th District State Central Committeewoman believes she should be involved.
Turner highlighted in a packet given to Eyewitness News a section stating part of her job requires helping elect public officials. Turner says "It is my intent to foster an environment of inclusiveness, and unity at all levels."
A committee of three appointed by Jefferson will be handling his replacement. That's why turner held a press conference Thursday saying the process is unfair. She would like to see residents meet with candidates, and vote on the best one.

Jefferson believes the process should not be changed. It’s same the same that was used when he replaced Doug Scott in 2001. Jefferson says "Just to usurp the process that we utilize is not a good thing to do, we been utilizing it for the last 25-30 years. And it works”
Those On The Selection Committee Say They Are Just Following The Rules. Charles Laskonis of the Winnebago County Democratic Committee says "I'm compelled by state statue to follow the guidelines that are set forth by the election board and by the state democratic party, and I have to move forward along those lines."

Laskonis says if you don’t like the selection process, the best thing to do would be contact your local lawmaker.

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