Local Animal Rights Group Protest Against Puppy Mills

Local animal rights group Angels For Animals, and a sea of protesters out at CherryVale Mall protesting against puppy mills.


Angels For Animals member Kathy Mehelko says "a puppy mill is a facility that abuses animals on a daily basis. Whose only goal is to produce a low overhead and a high productivity, and that's by breeding dogs before they should be bred,


Protesters are claiming pet stores Furry Babies and Petland are selling animals that come from puppy mills. According to protesters, both stores are denying it, but they still would like to hear from them.


Mehelko says "it would be wonderful. We'd love for them to give their side of the story. We'd love for them to provide us with the names of their reputable breeders.

Chelsea Croucher quit Furry Babies after two weeks. Croucher says "I found out that one of my own dogs is from one of their breeders. And I found out she is a puppy mills person.


For Kathy Mehelko, being able to help bring a stop to puppy mills is something she takes pride in.


Mehelko says "I started seeing how huge the need is. The horrors that go on in puppy mills. I knew I had to get deeper involved and try to make a difference. Try to be the voice of the voiceless.


Neither Petland nor Furry Babies were available for comment.

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