Local Author Devoted to Helping Kids

Pat McClellan Writes about Dealing with Life's Challenges

Rockford - Many children across the county suffer from anxiety and emotional stress more than ever. This morning local author, Pat McClellan joined us to talk about why she's so passionate about helping children cope with challenges.

Children’s author, Patricia Goodwin McClellan, has written several books for children who are dealing with life’s difficulties.

Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, McClellan now lives in Davis. She started teaching in Indianapolis in 1963, and when she moved to Illinois, she taught elementary and junior high in Durand. With experience in special education, and teaching at the Indiana School for the Blind, Pat has taken her experiences and put them into books to help parents and children.

"The Anxious Caterpillar" was originally written for her granddaughter, Reagan, who did the illustrations for the book. It helps children who are struggling with anxiety understand that this too shall pass, and that they will eventually blossom like the caterpillar does in the book. The caterpillar learns that with patience, it will eventually turn into a beautiful butterfly. After reading the book, children will understand that with a little patience, they, too, will blossom into what they were meant to be.

"The Buster Series" is about how dogs can be therapy for their owners. Buster Believes, Puppy Nose, and Cara Cares show how dogs can help their owners through trying times. The books discuss subjects such as autism, and also speak to those children of parents going through PTSD.

For more information, you can visit her website at

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