Local Businesses Gearing Up for Cyber Monday

- Rockford- From comic books to cassette tapes. Many of these items are hard to fin. So where do shoppers go to search for them? Online. And that’s where local record store Toad Hall shines.

Owner Nick Naruz says “there are so many items here at the store that are very specific and that someone in the region may not be interested in. and we have for instance yearbooks from Philadelphia. Well no one is gonna buy them here in Rockford.”

The record store is looking to expand business among keyboard warriors. Their sales already double on Cyber Monday.

Fat Wallet is an online bargaining website based out of Beloit Wisconsin. They say all local businesses should join in on the Cyber Monday craze. Company spokesman Brent Shelton sees Cyber Monday turning into Cyber week.

Shelton says “it’s a true phenomenon. The largest shopping day that we’re gonna see all year. And it’s probably gonna set records this year and It’s worthwhile to take advantage of.”

Toad Hall is planning bigger and better things for next year’s Cyber Monday. Naruz says “the fact that we can celebrate it, it even though we are a very small part of Cyber Monday, that’s pretty cool.”

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