Local Classroom Discusses Super Bowl Ads


Rockford- Stan Klatka goes over Sunday night’s homework assignment with his marketing class. Their assignment was to watch Superbowl commercials.


The students got a chance to watch and discuss their favorite commercials. While it was fun, they learned a valuable.


Klatka says “Good marketing, you know. How promotion management really works, which is what we’re teaching in class. What works, and what doesn’t. Because they don’t always work. I thought this Superbowl wasn’t as good as others.”


Rockford University student Matt Szytz says “it’s kind of like a movie trailer. You know after you watch the whole thing you sit back and you’re like was it really good, and if it wasn’t good you’re wondering, you know what were they trying to do?


For Ryan Woodard, the discussion changed his viewpoint on a controversial commercial.


Woodard says “the Coca-Cola one, going into today I thought it was terrible. But listening to everyone’s justification of it and why they sung America the Beautiful in different languages. It makes more sense now because America is a melting pot.”


But is it really worth it spending millions of dollars for a commercial? One local advertising agency thinks so.


Tabatha Dougherty from Cain & Company Advertisement says “at the end of the day, if your brand is recognizable and people are aware of your brand, then that’s going to lead to purchases.

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