Doctor Offers Tips to Keep Kids Injury-Free This Summer

Dr. Scott Ferry has tips for parents on how to keep kids injury-free.

ROCKFORD - Summer can be trauma season for some kids when the weather finally cooperates for them to get out and get active.

Dr. Scott Ferry works for OrthoIllinois. He says his office sees a dramatic increase in the number of traumatic injuries that come through the door when the weather gets warmer.

"I would say most of those (injuries) are related to sports, scooters, bikes, trampolines are probably the most common," explained Dr. Ferry.

Dr. Ferry said it's important to make sure kids wear the appropriate protective gear while out on their bikes or scooters. He also suggested getting kids into a warm up routine prior to a physical activity like biking.

"There are a lot injuries that can be avoided," said Dr. Ferry.


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