Local German-Americans Torn on Who to Cheer for Thursday

- Roscoe-Televisions at Poison Ivy Pub haven’t changed from the World Cup. Sundays’ matchup between the U.S and Portugal was the most watched soccer game in U.S History. Owner Steve Quies predicts a large turnout Poison Ivy Pub Thursday.

Quies says “I've had a lot of people calling and asking if we're going to have the game on, we've had people coming in earlier in the day saying we're going to come back tonight if you have the game on. And which I’ve been quite surprised we've never had that four years ago."

He’s not a big soccer fan, but he’s gotten a big kick out of this year’s World Cup. , "More people are trying to get into this sport, trying to understand it more. I know I am. One of my employees is big into soccer. He's been teaching me a lot, telling me a lot of the things they do and how they do it."

Meanwhile local German-Americans are torn on who to root for. Angelika Streck was born in Germany but grew up in America. She says "I'm proud of my German heritage, but I'm very proud to be an American so I'm on the fence with this thing. I'm hoping they both win so then it becomes a draw, they both advance and everybody will be happy."

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