Local Group Asking Stateliners For Help Feeding Veterans

- Legacy Corps is collecting donations for a food drive to help out veterans who may not receive funding if the Government Shutdown continues.

A Stateline woman who’s spouse was injured in Afghanistan came up with the idea.

Donna Ballard of Legacy Corps says “these folks depend on the money from the military, you know the disability. Some of these guys they’re one hundred percent disabled and they’re not gonna have a dime coming in. They’re not gonna have anything, and what are they gonna do? And that affects me deeply.”

The drive will run until Veteran’s Day. Donations can be dropped off at 1311 Parkview Avenue before 8pm. For further information contact Donna Ballard at (815) 983-3593.

Or you can visit their website at http://lssi.org/Service/RespiteCareForCaregivers.aspx

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