Local Gun Shop Owner Reacts to New Illinois Gun Control Legislation

Gun Dealer Licensing Act awaits either a signature or a veto from Gov. Rauner

ROCKFORD - Since the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida -- gun control has been at the forefront of many lawmakers' discussions. That includes our own lawmakers here in Illinois -- who just passed a measure requiring gun dealers to be registered. A local gun shop owner says this could hurt his bottom line.

After passing in the Senate and the House, the Gun Dealer Licensing Act awaits either a signature or a veto from Governor Bruce Rauner. It's one piece in a package of gun bills -- requiring gun dealers to be licensed from the state and sets rules that dealers will need to follow.

"I think if he were to sign it, he might as well not run again," said KAP Guns owner Kenny Polhamus. "If he signs anti-gun legislation, then he's done."

The act creates a gun dealer licensing board where members would be appointed to recommend policies, procedures, and rules for the new law. Polhamus says forming the group would be unnecessary and costly for shops like his.

"I already have a bunch of overhead," said Polhamus. "That's a thousand dollars more overhead that the guy selling guns on the internet doesn't have."

Currently, gun sellers are licensed by the ATF, which already requires background checks. The new law would require them to receive training in how to properly conduct one.

"There's certain things that make sense, but, it's also common sense. It's like making a law for common sense. 'Oh you have to have video cameras,' you know, most gun shops already have video cameras."

Polhamus says lawmakers should be focused on passing mental health laws instead.

"I will run the background checks on them, but that's where it gets hairy because I'm meeting in the middle calling them in, you need to meet in the middle and actually do your job and look into these people."

Other gun laws awaiting senate approval include a bump stock ban and raising the age requirement for high capacity firearm purchases.

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