Local Leaders Discuss Puppy Mills with Animal Rights Activists

- Rockford- Local animal rights activist plea for an ordinance banning pet stores from buying dogs from puppy mills.

Kathy Mehalko from Angels 4 Animals describes puppy mills as saying “the dogs are often bred too soon, too often with little to no veterinary care.  Food or water, and once the mother dog is no longer able to produce, she is then destroyed.”

A reverse town hall meeting held in Rockford gave Winnebago County officials a chance to ask animal rights activist questions about puppy mills. Just recently a Boone County dog breeder came under fire for allegedly running one. Mehalko says they do not know where the dogs are located.

The Windy City passed an ordinance banning pet stores from buying dogs that come from puppy mills. Activist at the meeting hope the Forest City does the same. Mehalko doesn’t think it would affect pet store’s bottom lines.

She adds “most of the sales go to food, over the counter medications, accessories and that’s how puppy stores can still stay in business, and make money while also going humane.”

Winnebago County Public Safety Chairman John Guevara hopes this meeting speeds up the process. He hopes something gets done within the next three months.

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