Local Missionary Not Letting Kenyan Attacks Stop Visits

- Rockford- Dr. Tom Clinton’s missionary service is just six miles away from where the Kenyan terrorist attack took place.

Terrorists targeted a Nairobi Mall where Americans are known to visit.

Dr. Tom Clinton of First Love International Ministries says “the reason we would need to be concerned is you never know what other mall or church or whatever public place they might decide to (attack).”

He has his staff on full alert, and has been constantly calling to check in with them. He advises those wanting to visit Kenya to stay away from larger hotels, and crowded areas.

Lindstrom Travel is holding a meeting next month for Stateliners wanting to take a trip to Kenya. Charlie Sturm of the company says they’ve recruited three new people for the seminar since the weekend attack.

Sturm has been to Kenya himself, and felt safe while there.

Sturm says “if we were traveling this month, I’d be more concerned but we’re looking at a group going in 2014, a year from now. So I feel confident the situation will be rectified by then.

As for Clinton, he plans to return in October.

Clinton says “we still feel that God would have us go and be involved with this work in which we’re trying to assist impoverished children, and widows, and single moms in Kenya.

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