Dozens Gather at Rockford's Beattie Park in Response to Charlottesville Attack

ROCKFORD - Dozens of people gathered at Beattie Park in Downtown Rockford on Sunday night, in solidarity with the people of Charlottesville and to make it clear that racism is not welcome here.

On Friday, a car plowed into a large group of counter-protestors at a white nationalist rally, killing one and injuring nineteen.

Organizers want to make their message clear: white supremacy and racism has no room in Rockford.

"We really want to make it clear that Rockford doesn't support such things," said organizer Bradley Rydholm. "We want to make sure it has no foot hold here. We want to make a clear stand. Also, stand in solidarity with the people, standing up against it, everywhere else."

"We are one country united in our opposition to this kind of racism, this kind of bigotry, this kind of violence," said attendee Rev. Matthew Johnson.

Skye Garcia is an organizer of the rally and she hopes the event is a place of support for anyone that may need it.

"We're doing this for an educational purpose," said Garcia. "It's kind of a way for us to have the people that are the targets of these attacks be in one local space that they can relate to."

But organizers also want to remind those that an eye for an eye is not the answer.

"There's going to be and there needs to be a response to this kind of violence," said Rydholh. "And the response to violence, is not violence itself."

Rockford Youth Activists says they plan on creating more events in the future.

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