Local Rescue Squads Prepare For Icy Situations

- ROCKFORD - Cold temperatures, snow and two feet of ice could not stop the Rockford Fire Department from conducting their Ice Rescue Training session Saturday, for members of the MABAS Division 8 water rescue team.

The local rescue team worked on certain techniques to use, if a victim falls through the ice.

Brian Maske of the Rockford Fire Department said “these situations do not happen very often, but when they do, we need to be prepared.”

The rescue team knows they have to be well prepared, and work fast, because the victim can go into shock.

“When they first fall in the victim has a gasp reflex where they have cold shock on the system. the cold water takes their breathe away.” said Maschke.

The rescue team said that victims have just minutes to get help, or to get out of the icy water on their own. “your best chances of self rescuing or you getting out of that ice hole is in that first ten minutes.”

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