Local Seventeen Year Olds Voting For First Time Tuesday

- Rockford- Seventeen year old William Hartenberger from Rockford Lutheran has been passionate about politics for a long time. Now his voice and his vote will count.

Legislation signed by Governor Pat Quinn is letting seventeen year olds who will be eighteen by the general election date vote in a primary.

Hartenberger says “a lot of people my age usually don’t listen or watch or get involved in politics at all and that’s really unfortunate that that’s the case.”

He’s looking forward to voting in Tuesday’s election. He adds “I’ve wanted to vote for awhile. I feel like my opinion matters just as much as adults.”

His government teacher Steve Vaughan says five of his seventeen year old students will vote Tuesday.

Vaughan adds “one of our goals here is to try to get our students engaged in the civic process of to get them to understand the importance of their vote.”

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