Local Veteran with ALS Takes Ice Bucket Challenge

- Rockford- Local army veteran, Bruce Whitehead, participated in the ALS Ice Bucket challenge at Crimson Pointe, a Rockford retirement community. After that, he nominated his sister, and then the entire City of Rockford. Whitehead was diagnosed with ALS three years ago.

Bruce’s sister Linda Whitehead describes of his condition: "It's just been a steady decline, lately his speech has been pretty much eliminated, I mean if you're around him a lot you may understand a little bit. Mobility has pretty much seized.”

Bruce’s hospice nurse, Stephanie Birmingham, adds, "With the ALS, they have everything in their brain intact, it's just their body that's not doing what they're supposed to so it's hard for the patients because they know everything that's going on. It’s very devastating.”

For more information on ALS, the Ice Bucket Challenge, and how you can help out, visit ALSA.org.

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