Local Veterans Continue to Serve in Honor Guard

Loves Park - You most often see them at funerals, men and woman who have served our nation, now serving in a different way, as members of the honor guard.

One of those members is Loren Salzman from the Loves Park Honor Guard, “It’s our pleasure and honor to do so in recognition of their years of service and our chance to show them not only how grateful we are, but our country is of their loved one's service and to honor them.”

Another member, Ken Seay agrees, mentioning “It’s a very rewarding feeling after you've done it and how the family actually appreciated what we do. There’s no feeling like it really."

These men and women spend countless hours, rain or shine, making sure their fallen comrades get the respect they deserve. “It can be quite challenging; the weather does have a big effect on us. We're there exposed to whatever the weather elements might be, but it’s part of our job," says Salzman.

While honor guard members gladly serve, they admit it can be hard job. “We do it because we want to and it definitely expresses honor to the veteran who passed,” mention Loves Park member Don Allen. Saey agrees, “You're trying to be as professional as you can, and it just hits you in the heart. Your heart goes out to them for this loss.”

But they say the generous donations of the community in the past have made a world of difference for them. “To have funds to buy things that were needed and things we were just going without, people’s generosity last year we were able to do that.” Remembers Salzman. “One organization that didn’t have uniforms at all, now have them.” 

With the playing of taps…a gun salute…and the presentation of the folded flag, honor guard members not only feel connected to their fellow veterans but also to each other. “We're a family....definitely a family."

Salzman agrees, “The comradery that I’ve grown with is a big part of my life.”

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