Local Volunteer Group Cleans A Rockford Skatepark

Stateline skateboarders and volunteers battle through the heat to fix up the Washington Park Community Center Skate Park.


It's for the organization "Friends of the Skate Park." They want to make this skate park as enjoyable as possible.


Tracy White of "Friends of the Skate Park" says "I just want it to look really nice so put some new screws in, and re-install the skate light surface we just got, which makes it's nice and safe.


More then fifty Stateliners came out to help fix the skate park up. Since opening in 2011, the skate park has been a popular place for skaters, roller bladders, and bikers.


They are a community that's growing in the Stateline.


White says "there's a big skater community. Bikers, rollerbladers, skateboarders; and they want to give back to all the skate parks and they want to give back to the park district." 


These skaters had no problem spending their Fourth Of July Weekend cleaning up the park. They say their bond lasts beyond the half pipe.


Skateboarder Bryan Nambo says "I know all these people personally, and they're all willing to come and show up to any events, whether it's a contest or if somebody is trying to do their own business venture, or things like this.


A good skate park could bring more people to the Forest City. Many skaters will travel all over to hit the ramps.


Nambo says "me and my brother and our friends always go on skate trips and we'll go anywhere that's within two hours. I know a lot of people who are two hours away, and they'll come out here just to skate."


For more information on "Friends of The Skate Park you can visit their website at 


Or like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RPDskateparks

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