Locals Take Pictures Of A Better Rockford

- ROCKFORD – Although you may live in Rockford, you may not know much about the Forrest City.

Pablo Korona, the producer of the our city, our story movement wanted to get to know his city, and the people he shares it with. “In Rockford we are a place that we don’t really interact too often with people; we get in our car, go to another place, and walk.”

Korona said that getting out and meeting your neighbors, and talking with locals in the area is an experience like no other. “I’ve always just wanted to wander the streets, like myself, with a camera and meet and discover the stories about the characters here”

That desire to learn more about his city inspired his next project. “the daylight hours project is where we send out photographers throughout the day to take snap shots of people in the community. They take that individuals picture, and they   learn more about them. Then we display the photos that night”

Korona sent out a team of locals to wander the city streets and take pictures of residents, some of them were experienced photographers, and some were just their for the experience.  He said this gives the public a glimpse of the culture of Rockford.

Tia Smith is a Rockford resident; she wanted to get involved with the Day Light Hours movement to learn more about her community.“Basically we I go around and walk up to a complete stranger, and ask them about their life. Then I take photos of them, and find out more about their life here in Rockford.”

Smith thinks that The Daylight Hours project can help better her city. “anything that involves people getting together and try to make the city better is always a great thing, we need to stand together, not more apart.”

Korona said that sometimes community improvement projects lose focus of what really matters. “there are some movements that are focused on improving the city, but I think it all boils down to just the people, we often lose sight of the fact that we are all people here.”

The end goal is to unite residents, and take a snap shot of the Rockford culture and people. “everybody matters, and everybody has an interesting story, the people here are tremendous characters”

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