Longtime Radio Hosts Fired, Stations Take on New Formats

ROCKFORD- Host Doug McDuff, a familiar voice on 100.5 NTA FM is out of job, along with newscaster Ken DeCoster and several others. 
Mid-West Family Broadcasting changed the station's format and general manager Mike Paterson says he gave it a lot of thought.

"These decisions were not made overnight. This is probably about a six month process to get to the point of where we were today," said Paterson.

WNTA Rockford Raps host Mike Williams is in shock about the decision. "Very surprised. Very, very surprised," he said.

100.5 NTA is now 100.5 River FM playing Classic Hits. And 95.3 Bob FM is now called 95.3 The Bull playing country music.

Paterson says the change makes economic sense.

"We had to make a business decision. And unfortunately when finances are looked at, it wasn't the best place to position us," said Paterson.

Paterson says the switch from talk radio was in the long-term best interest of the station. Williams argues there isn't another local radio venue operating like NTA. 

"NTA I think allowed an opportunity for people to express different views and allow the community to hear different opinions," said Williams.

Mid-West Family Broadcasting plans on hiring new DJs and Hosts to compliment their new music format.

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